Folding Smartphones

What is the Real Need For a Folding Smartphone?

The folding smartphone is already in its second generation, despite the fact that the first has not had a great commercial reception. The mobile industry is going through a difficult time. It is compared to previous years, a good golden decade, since the iPhone appeared in 2007. In the following years, sales did not stop growing, in many cases with solid double digits. But for some years they have slowed down and even stagnated. And precisely this situation is one of the most significant to explain the launch of a folding smartphone.

Folding Smartphones

But the truth is that the electronic industry works this way. Especially on smartphones, where manufacturers have become accustomed to very high renewal rates. Sometimes a mobile-only lasts us a year or two, at most. So when sales have threatened to slow down, elements have always appeared to propel them. This mission was first entrusted to the performance of the processors. Then to connectivity, with 4G, increasing the size of the screen and improving the camera.

At the moment, the creation of a folding smartphone and 5G connectivity is the great arguments to stimulate sales. But do we users need a mobile that can be folded?

The advantages of a folding smartphone are in its double functionality. The idea is that the device can be used as a mobile (folded) for a large part of the tasks. These, of course, include calls, but also a quick reading of the mail or news, check social networks, WhatsApp messages, find an address in the maps application or listen to a podcast. However, for more time-consuming tasks, such as watching videos, reading long articles or a PDF, or going through the photo gallery, the deployed mode would be used.

Waiting for the Folding

A good string of manufacturers has released their own folding models. The last ones that have been noticed have been the Galaxy Z Flip and the Huawei Mate Xs. Two bets are somewhat more moderate than the initials of these brands. And is that brands now seek more utility, reaching the public, than general admiration.

They are smaller in size, making them more manageable. The delicate part of the fold has evolved, which will save users trouble. But again the question arises whether they are really necessary. And there are mainly two uses that manufacturers see.

One of them is the professional one and perhaps it is where the folding smartphone comes in first. In some jobs, having a device that serves as a tablet is essential. It happens with commercials who travel to make presentations or show catalogues to customers on-site. And in many other areas, a screen like a tablet is desirable, to examine graphics, read the documentation at ease or manage email more comfortably. It is possible to think that in some of these cases a folding smartphone acts as a mobile and a tablet in the future.

Regarding the consumer market, the need that manufacturers have sensed in users – or that they have contributed to creating – is the viewing of series and movies or simply content with a narrative quality edition on the smartphone. Some already watch series on their phones, but the truth is that platforms like Netflix or HBO invite you to watch their content on a larger screen. It is commonly accepted that a YouTube video is consumed on mobile, but for a series, a movie – even for a video of a Youtuber with good production and narrative substance – more inches are sought. And the folding ones could arrive to fulfil this function.

does genbrain work

Genbrain Advanced Brain Formula

Think about all the things you do to improve your health. You exercise to improve your physical health. Most people use some sort of skincare product to improve their skin’s health. Why wouldn’t you support your brain’s health in some way? That’s why we want to tell you about GenBrain advanced brain formula. It’s a new supplement that has everything your brain needs to be as healthy, active, and accurate as possible! After all, your brain is basically who you are. It contains your personality, memories, and thought process. It would be downright irresponsible for you to do nothing in support of its health, right? You can think faster, recall more, and be more creative than you used to be! All you need is this product. We’ll tell you all about it in our GenBrain review! You just have to keep reading what we’ve got to say!

does genbrain work
When it comes to your brain’s health, there are a lot of products out there that make a lot of claims. That’s why we do the work of looking into products like GenBrain supplement. Your mind deserves the best, and we want to make sure that you know which product is the best. We find all the info we can and compile it into one easy to read the article. In our GenBrain review, we’ll tell you what this supplement can do for your mind and what the formula might contain. We’ll also make sure that you learn all the product details so that you can make an informed decision about adding it to your life! If you’re ready to give your brain the tools it needs to succeed, let’s get started.

Gen Brain Formula Benefits

This supplement does two things, and one leads to the other. The first thing it does is to support your brain’s physical health. That leads to cognitive benefits. People care about the physical health stuff, but more folks are concerned with what kind of mental benefits of to Buy Genbrain they’ll see when they begin taking this formula.

Here are all the cognitive benefits that come with taking GenBrain nootropic:

  • Think Faster
  • Better Long-Term Memory
  • Enhanced Short-Term Memory
  • More Focus
  • Improved Energy
  • Reduced Brain Fog
  • Better Information Processing
  • Faster Recall
  • Longer Attention Span

Those are the things that people want long-term out of this product, but it accomplishes all of those by improving a lot about your brain’s physical health. From protection to enhancement, this supplement does it all. Here are all the physical benefits.

  • Promoted Nerve Growth
  • More Blood Flow
  • Improved Oxygen Delivery
  • Cell Wall Support
  • Nutrients, Vitamins, and Amino Acids
  • Protection From Neurotoxins
  • Plasticity Promotion

GenBrain Ingredients

The manufacturers don’t provide a list of the formula’s contents. That’s because they’re smart. If they put the formula on the internet, anyone could come by and rip it off to create their own knock-off product.

They are very clear about one thing. The GenBrain brain booster contains only natural ingredients. A lot of synthetic chemicals can do incredible damage to the human mind. When things are natural, they tend to be safe. We could make some guesses about what the formula contains, but instead, we’ll just trust that this company knows what they’re doing.

How to Use Gen Brain Pills

Maybe this supplement sounds complicated or confusing. First of all, when you begin taking it, nothing will sound complicated or confusing. Second, it’s actually quite easy. We want you to be safe and confident when you order, so we’re happy to explain how it all works.

All you do is take one GenBrain capsule a day. When you take it is entirely up to you. However, most people choose to take it in the morning because of the energy boost it delivers. To gain the full benefits, take the product for at least thirty days. The supplement builds up in your system. That’s it. It’s that easy!

GenBrain Side Effects

Because this formula is made of all-natural ingredients, you won’t experience any of the side effects that can come with synthetic chemicals. However, there is a remote possibility of side effects occurring for select individuals. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Use the product only as directed. Do not exceed the recommended dosage level. If you experience any health problems when taking GenBrain formula, stop taking it and speak with a doctor right away. If you want to be best informed about how this supplement will affect your individual health, speak with a doctor before you begin taking it.

Bird-Inspired Wings

How Bird-Inspired Wings Multiply the Autonomy of a Drone

If there’s one thing drones need to improve on right now, it’s battery life. In a device that is an aircraft itself, this factor defines its autonomy. Ultimately much of its usefulness can be measured by this decisive aspect. And to increase autonomy, a team of researchers from Brown University and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne has drawn a path. It is about incorporating wings inspired by birds.

Bird-Inspired Wings

But today’s drones are not like that on a whim. The smallest ones, which the researchers have noticed, have wings of a certain thickness and a short length. They are designed in this way to cope with the wind. Under normal conditions the flight is comfortable, but in the presence of gusts of air, the small aircraft may lose stability. The type of wings that are manufactured provide this stability.

However, Brown’s researchers and Cole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have chosen to focus on nature. They have noticed that some small birds have other types of wings. And from there they have taken theirs. They are long, thin wings.

These bird-inspired wings allow a 100-gram drone to fly for around three hours. It is four times more than what current drones of this weight offer. The trick is in aeronautics oriented to stretch the wings.

Normally the wings of drones and other aircraft have rounded edges. This keeps the airflow as close to the wing surface as possible. However, scientists have found that insects and some small birds have flat wings. This separates the air flows more sharply. Lowers peak aerodynamic efficiency but compensates for this with increased wing lengthening. Applied to drones, this principle allows a wingspan with a large elongation that increases autonomy.

Bird-inspired wings, an example of biomimicry

The work of these scientists is an example of biomimicry. The concept is defined as the technology that emerges inspired by nature. It is not something new. The ancient Greeks already observed nature for creative purposes. And Leonardo da Vinci spent hours studying animals to learn about the mechanics of the movement.

In modern times, inspiration in nature is very present in the design. So much so that the wildest shapes and movements can inspire improvements in sectors such as aeronautics. The imitation of animals and other biological bodies offers curious surprises. For starters, the Eiffel Tower was based on a femur.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag and the Evolution of the Experience

What started out as a combat simulation intended for the military in the United States in the 70s and 80s, has now become a hobby that has spread to many other places around the world.

Laser Tag

There is some confusion to distinguish the Laser Tag from Paintball, and even from Airsoft. All three are shooting games in which you must beat your rivals along with your teammates. But, beyond this general concept, there are many differences between them. In this article, we aim to explain what the Laser Tag consists of, and what the technology behind it is to make it work.

What Does it Consist of?

First of all, what is the Laser Tag? Also known as Laser Combat or Laser Game, as their names indicate, it is a sports game that simulates a confrontation between two teams. Players have a weapon whose projectiles are infrared rays and with which they must hit opponents.

Each one has a series of receivers that count the successes and add points. As in most competitive games, the side with the most points during the game wins.

What started out as a combat simulation intended for the military in the United States in the 70s and 80s, has now become a hobby that has spread to many other places around the world. Especially because of its similarity to Paintball, which we mentioned at the beginning, and its great advantage over it for children, since there is no impact of balls and, therefore, there is no risk of it hurting or staining.

Likewise, the Laser Tag can be developed both outdoors and indoors, although it is usually located in closed spaces, conveniently set with dark lights, corners and palisades from which to cover yourself. The scenarios, as we can deduce with so many possibilities, are of fundamental importance in the game, and much of the fun depends on them.

What Material is Used?

To play, you need a Laser Tag weapon, which is usually either a smaller pistol or a submachine gun. It is an intelligent and electronic weapon that, in addition to shooting infrared rays, has a small LED screen that lights up when you hit a shot; and a speaker, which also announces the target, so you have no doubts.

You also need a vest equipped with Laser Tag technology. Their peculiarity is that they have built-in various sensors, which receive infrared rays and light up and warn when someone is right. Thus, both one and the other find out. These points are spread throughout the body. One at shoulder and chest height; another one further down, in the gut area. The third is located on the back, and the fourth is on the same gun.

Droplet-Based Electricity Generator

New Droplet-Based Electricity Generator

A team of scientists from Hong Kong has created an electric generator based on water droplets and capable of lighting 100 LED bulbs. At the City University of Hong Kong, they have found a system to obtain energy in an original way. It is an electric generator based on water drops. It is nothing more than the result of one of the many investigations aimed at alleviating the energy crisis.

Droplet-Based Electricity Generator

Still, it is an experimental project. And despite the success of the results, there is still time to create a real system that works efficiently. A drop of water can generate energy through the triboelectric effect (by contact between materials, such as rubbing). However, the energy conversion is really low.

The Hong Kong team of scientists has improved this conversion ratio. Its drop-based electric generator reaches 50.1 W per square meter. And this is thousands of times more than other similar devices. The difference is marked by the introduction of a field-effect transistor, a transistor that uses an electric field to control the conductivity of a channel.

Scientists have verified that a drop of 100 microliters (being a microliter equivalent to one-millionth of a litre) with a drop of 15 centimetres can generate a voltage of more than 140 V. This power can generate light enough to light 100 LED bulbs.

Research at the City University of Hong Kong is interesting because it involves taking advantage of an existing phenomenon. This is actually the philosophy of renewable energy as a whole. Solar takes advantage of the impact of the sun’s rays, while wind takes advantage of the spontaneous blowing of the winds. The drop-based electric generator could act to collect rain. Although it could also do it with stored water.

Passive Power Generation

However, there are also other wasted forms of energy. They are a type of energy that does not come from nature. We, humans, generate it with our activity. At the moment, these are experimental projects, as is the case with the electric generator based on drops.

One of the most striking cases is the concept of a gym capable of harnessing kinetic energy. There are many people who come to these centres to train daily. They run on the treadmill, they do elliptical or bicycle. All of these machines could be connected to a generator. This would make the transformation from kinetic energy to electricity. It is estimated that a user could generate between 50 and 150 watts in a 30-minute workout.

But there are also other examples. Traffic could be exploited with a speed bump, the compression of which bypassing the wheels of a car would help move pulleys connected to a generator. But it is that our walking could also generate electricity. A composition of materials that compress when polarized has been tried to be attached to the base of a shoe. By generating a potential difference, it is possible to take advantage of the charge to obtain energy.